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Do you have the desire to start importing fruits and vegetables Egyptian project?
Do you want to deal with its founder export certified adopt strong relationship in the long run?
Do you want to penetrate the preferred market your product so that you get the price of a strong competitor?
Do you dream that your score will be recorded for our distinct best quality and competitive price?
Do you want to shortcut a long time of searching for suppliers accredited and offer it all through your contract with us and test the level of quality and its safety work yourself?

Ghunaim honor companies for Import and Export and International Trade to submit their offers in vegetables and fruits Egyptian products

Where the company export of all agricultural products from the Egyptian market vegetables and fruit, through Mazza specially suited for export to produce the finest arable crops for export matching the specifications of international quality.

We have our own farms and care in our farms to quality for our products, making it a longer period of validity

As is sorted and the mobilization of agricultural products under the supervision of a group of engineers and quality in the proper conditions and from within the sorting and packing our own station.

All of our products conform to the specifications and standards that will fit all standard global markets and are ISO certificates and Aljlubal Gap and Alhaasakb

We seek to satisfy our customers in the Arab world, Russia and the European Union level

We offer sliced ​​the prices commensurate with all our customers and allow us to build a deal in the long run

Permanent care about communicating with our customers and continue to work with them and to seek together to resolve any problems with the product

Provide after-sales service and we are fully prepared to take on any mistakes by the company is located

All our customers are invited to visit our farms and ensure the quality of products and the system of sorting and packaging

We also provide DEAR eye to our customers free of our products (not including shipping)

As well as we provide customers with the visit program of the highest level since their arrival and until they left peacefully

We are also working on the import of all agricultural products from the country of origin and the specifications of global import, according to the Egyptian local market requirements.

Waiting for your requests and inquiries

Sincere affection and appreciation

Mr./ Khaled Ghoneim – mobail 00201010987718 – skype: khalidghoneim –

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